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Pay for Poets

The website for poets, writers and creatives who deserve to be paid a fair amount for the work they do.

Free resources

Have you been asked to work for free? Check out our handy guide to help you ask for a fair fee.

You deserve to be paid.

One more time for the people at the back. Whether it’s a poetry performance, writing workshop, or something else, you deserve to be paid a fair amount for the work you do. It’s that simple.

Behind the scenes

Mari Ellis Dunning is a writer, poet and workshop facilitator. She grew sick and tired of being asked to work for free. So she said, no more.

Organisations doing great things for writers:

Society of Authors
NUJ (for journalists)

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Let’s build a community together. Enter your name below and we’ll add it to the Pledge page. If you’d prefer to use a pen name, initials, or a pseudonym, that’s absolutely fine too.